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What is the MLAB useful for?

MLAB helps to solve usual technical problems that occur during the construction or development of new systems and devices. It thus helps to save time by using the most proven approaches and technologies.

It is suitable mainly for non-industrial experimental automation and for laboratory or hobby use.

Guide for newcommers

In order to use MLAB it is necessary to have basic knowledge of electronics. You don’t have to know how to mathematically solve complicated circuits, however, it is necessary to know what will certain connecting in circuit cause. If your approach to using the modules will be on the level of a ‘black box’ that carries out certain function, you will probably not achieve good results.

Designer - user

For beginners, which want to start using MLAB, there is a short guide available. Using an example it demonstrates a philosophy of work with this kit.

The ways of using and connecting modules are documented in instructions.

Designer - contributor

Those of you, who would like to design (or already have designed) a module that is missing in MLAB and would like to share your work with others, can make a contribution by writing to one of the authors and ask for access rights to SVN database. There is also a guide about how to avoid compatibility problems with Rules for designing new modules.

Furthermore, you can find information about different tools in Tools.

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