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List of MLAB modules

You can find the most current list of modules at modules documentation page. To learn how to work with modules see manuals. There is also a TODO page with instructions how to proceed if you want to participate on MLAB development.


In order to use the modules with ease, there are many accessories available.


Modules generally designed to convert analogue signal to a digital one.

  1. I2CADC01A - 24-bit converter controlled via I2C interface


Modules of processors from Atmel company.

Drive control

Module especially suitable for PWM control of motors, inverters, dimming the light or other applications, where a digital control of performance in multiple channels is suitable.

  1. AT90PWM


Modules capable of basic common applications such as reading data from sensors, simple outputs or drives control, displaying data or communication with other processor modules or a parent PC.

  1. ATmega8DIL01A
  2. ATmegaTQ4401A
  3. ATmegaTQ6401A


Modules suitable especially for simple applications such as reading data from some of the analogue or digital sensors without their further processing. Therefore they are usually combined with communication interface modules.

  1. ATtinySO801A
  2. ATtinySO801B


These modules are suitable for more demanding applications, that have a high requirements for memory or computing power - such as control over robots.

  1. ATmegaTQ10001A

NGW100 - an adopted development kit from Atmel

Modules’ programmators

  1. ATprogISPUSB01A
  2. ATprogISPUSB02A - ISP AVR programmator, connectable via USB

ARV processors programming


  1. STM32F10xRxT01A - a powerful module for ARM Cortex STM32.
  2. Hardkernel Odroid-X2 - a development board for ARM Cortex-A9.


One of the possibilities of how to program modules with ARM is to build a Versaloon programmator.

ARM processors programming


End amplifiers

NF audio amplifier with low power suitable for signalling the devices’ statuses.

  1. LM38601A - an audio amplifier suitable for headphones’ output
  2. MBA81001A - an amplifier suitable for reproductor's output

Codecs and audio generators

  1. AD1881A01A - an audio codec AC97 fit for generating an audio signal from a digital data stream


  1. ISPLSI1016A
  2. S3AN01A - a module for Spartan 3AN


  1. IRDA01A - a module for data transfer via a standardised IRDA interface
  2. TXIR01A - a basic IR modulator
  3. TXIR01B - a basic IR modulator with an adjustable carrier frequency


Modules for transfer of telemetry and small data flows in free bandwidths.

  1. RFM01SMD01A - a module fitted with a controlling and coding microcontroller - it thus enables a direct connection to the serial terminal
  2. RFM02SMD01A -
  3. RX336201A
  4. RX433MHz01A - a receiver for a free bandwidth 433MHz
  5. TXsaw433MHz01A - a digitally modulated transmitter for free bandwidth 433MHz
  6. ZIGBEE01A - a yet still unfinished module for ZigBee controller MC13213
  7. LNA01A - a low-noise preamplifier
  8. GB01A - a board-band amplifier (Gain Block)
  9. BP01A - a bandpass filter


  1. I2CHUB02A - a hub for I2C bus
  2. RS232SINGLE01A - a TTL to RS232 converter
  3. TTLCAN01A - a TTL to differential CAN bus converter
  4. TTLCAN01B - a TTL to differential CAN bus converter, newer version
  5. TTLRS48501A - a TTL to RS485 converter
  6. USB232R01B - a USB to RS232TTL converter
  7. USBIO01A - a high speed USB 2.0 interface
  8. ETH02A - an ethernet interface for CPU modules with an integrated driver
  9. SERVOHUB01A - a module designed to control several classical modelling servos by a microcontroller
  10. JTAGFT2232V02A - a J-tag programmator
  11. I2C232V01A - an I2C/UART converter
  12. I2CIO01A - I2C I/O expander
  13. I2CPWM01A - PWM controlled by I²C
  14. I2CSPI01A - a I²C to SPI converter
  15. USBI2C01A - an USB to I²C master converter

Further in this category, we are working on:

  1. ETH01A - a module for Ethernet 100 with a possibility of using PoE and MII interface


  1. CLKGEN01B - a digital clock (of variable frequency) generator, manageable via I²C
  2. CLKHUB01A - a clock signal distributor with delay lines, divider and a phase-locked loop
  3. CLKHUB02A - a basic clock distributor for 10 channels with a low jitter


Various motor drivers mostly in a full bridge configuration. They enable a commutation and thus a bidirectional control of motors.

DC motors

  1. HB1FET01A - a powerful FET H-bridge for a very high powers in the range of 50V and 80A
  2. HB2FET01A - a non-functional construction. An experiment in controlling the FET switches by operational amplifiers
  3. HBRIDGE01A - a bridge with bipolar transistors for controlling DC commutator motors in small robots
  4. HBRIDGE01B - an H-bridge with a layout adjusted for better cooling
  5. HBRIDGE02A - it uses L6203 circuit
  6. HT675101A - H-bridges with integrated power transistors
  7. MPC17511HB01A
  8. MPC17529HB01A
  9. DRV8835HB01A - an integrated H-bridge 2 x 1.5 A or 1 x 3A

Stepper motors

  1. HBSTEP01A - bipolar stepper motors driver with a microstepping indexer

Multiphase motors

  1. 3PHBRIDGE01A - an H-bridge for driving of three-phase motors


  1. DIP8SW01A - 8 pieces of switches in a row, can be used for digital configuration
  2. LCD2L4P01A
  3. LCD2L4P02A - a module with lcd, buttons and a beeper
  4. LED8TRI01A
  5. LEDROBOT - a board with stabiliser and a set of LEDs for state indication
  6. LEDbar01A - a row of LEDs for displaying various values
  7. LEDbar02A
  8. TRIMQUAD01A - a module with 4 trimmers for an easy configuration of variables
  9. nanoterm01A - a module with LDC display for showing text information
  10. nanoterm02A


  1. RFdetect01A - an RF detector for measuring in frequency range 100 to 2000MHz
  2. TTLPROBE01A - a logic probe for indication of logical levels on digital outputs
  4. GPS01A - a module enabling a GPS signal reception. Communication interfaces I²C, USB, serial link



  1. EEPROM01A - a module for the most common memory chip EEPROM
  2. SDcard01B - a module with a slot for an SD card. MicroSD can be fitted via an adapter


  1. OZdual01A - a module of a dual OpAmp in a DIL enclosure
  2. OZdual02A - a module of a dual OpAmp in a SO8 enclosure
  3. OZdual02B - an updated module of a dual OpAMp in a SO8 enclosure
  4. OZpower01A - a module of a power OpAmp with an output current up to 3A
  5. OZquad01B - a module of a quad OpAmp in a standar DIL enclosure


Microprocessor modules and programmators for a PIC Microchip

Processor modules for an universal use

  1. PIC16F84DIL1801A
  2. PIC16F84SO1801A
  3. PIC16F87xDIL2801A
  4. PIC16F87xSO2801A

Large number of ports

  1. PIC18F8x2001A
  2. PIC18F8xTQ8001A - can be fitted with a PIC with an Ethernet periphery

With USB connectivity

  1. PIC18F2550v01A
  2. PIC18F2550v02A


  1. PICPROGUSB02A - an USB programmator
  2. PICICD01A - a RS232 programmator
  3. PICICD01B
  4. PICPGR301A - a LPT programmator

PIC processors’ programming


Switching and control of power circuits.

  1. NFET2X01A - a double N-FET switch
  2. NFET2x2 - a switch module with two double power FETs in a SO8 enclosure
  3. NFET4X01A - a switch module with four N-FETs
  4. REL8SW01A - a module with a classic electromagnetic relay
  5. REL1SW01A - a module with one relay or a pair of NMOSFETs
  6. TRIACSHARP02A - a power opto triac switch for switching most of the appliances
  7. PWMLED01A - controls the brightness of LED


These modules mostly modify the power supply in such a way that it is then suitable for connection to other modules.

  1. BATPOWER01A - modules enabling a power supply from rechargeable batteries
  2. LM108601A
  3. MC3406301A - an universal step-up inverter
  4. HVPS01A - a high-voltage power supply
  5. UNIPOWER01A - a power supply module
  6. LION1CELL01A - a module with an enclosure and a current limitation for a 3.6V Li-ion batteries of 18650 type
  7. LION2CELL01A - a module with a double enclosure and a current limitation for Li-ion batteries of 18650 type. The output voltage is 8.4V.

In this category we are further developing:

  1. a symetrical power supply (with a possibility of connceting more power supplies)
  2. an adjustable laboratory power supply


In this category you will find modules that enable a connection of specific sensors that cannot be connected directly or need other peripheral elements.


I²C or SMBus

  1. ISL2902001A - a digital luxmeter
  2. THERMOPHILE01A - a sensor for contactless temperature measurement
  3. ALTIMET01A - a digital sensor of atmospheric pressure
  4. SHT25V01A - an accurate digital I²C sensor of relative humidity and temperature
  5. IMU01A - a digital triaxial accelerometer and a gyroscope (with an I²C interface)
  6. LTS01A - a digital temperature sensor for ranges -40 °C to 105 °C (with an I²C interface)


  1. ALTIMET01A - a digital sensor of atmospheric pressure
  2. MAG01A - a magnetometer suitable for usage as a digital compass for navigational purposes

LOG output

  1. R1S01A - for detection of marks / wheel revolutions
  2. IRFEE01A - for detection of obstacles


Mostly older models of sensors with analogue output

  1. MMA6260 - an accelerometer
  2. GSENSE01A - a sensor for acceleration measurement in three axes
  3. RGBFEE01A - for detection of surface colour
  4. HUM01A - an analogue sensor of relative air humidity
  5. IUC01A - for detection of current in circuits

In this category we are further developing:

  1. a capacitance sensor
  2. a sensor for detection of gases such as 02, CO2, N2
  3. a spectrometric semiconductor sensor for ionising radiation
  4. a sonar

For more detailed information see TODO.


Circuits for signal translation between different voltage levels.

  1. TTLPECL01A - a translation between TTL and PECL.
  2. VLT01A - a translation between TTL or CMOS with different voltage levels


  1. INPUTUNI01A - an universal input module with over-voltage protection
  2. UNIDIL1601A - a socket for integrated circuits in DIL enclosure
  3. UNIUNI01A - a solderable universal field


  1. BASE162101A - a basic carrier board for MLAB kits


  1. UNIBOX01 - an universal metal box not only for MLAB constructions


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