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Power supply module UNIPOWER02A

The original MLAB documentation

A power supply module with a cylindrical connector, a fuse, an indicator LED and a slide switch. The module has a output signal informing about the state of connection of the cylindrical connector.

It is currently the most recent version of a power module for an external power adapter.

Other features of the module include:

  • A switch-selectable power supply input.
  • An option to fit the module with a WAGO cage clamp terminal block or a FASTON connector.
  • An indicator of a turned-on state.
  • A circuit configurable for 12V or 5V.
  • The ground unconnected to the motherboard.


A universal input power supply module with HDD connector for 5V and 12V, cylindrical input connectors, PPTCs, emissions suppression and a power switch.

The module also contains an indicator diode to signal a connected power supply.

An input voltage is distributed to other modules through pin-header connectors of a standard configuration.


Powerful WAGO256 terminal blocks for a distribution of larger currents are included. However, it is possible to replace the cage clamp terminal block with cheaper FASTON connectors.

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