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Radio Observer

This is an application designed to operate radio observations: :

  1. Meteor observation
  2. Sun, Jupiter or galactic emissions
  3. Observations of other objects

A key feature of the program is the ability to record time-tagged data, useful for further analysis after obtaining data from multiple stations.

A test version is available at radio-observer. It should run on a ARM computer.

Functional requirements for the resulting application-Observer Radio are written to Redmine.

Radio telescopes

One use case of the radio-observer is its deployment at stations The radio astronomy station bras and advanced radio astronomy station aras, or the simple parabolic radio telescope .

Meteor observations

Software for meteor observations is engaged in a project Bolidozor.

Observing the Sun / Jupiter

This type of observation would need waterfall display with a lower frequency and time resolution, but a large frequency bandwidth (in range of MHz) in order to see the entire band where emissions occur. This could be achieved by retuning the receiver. Tunning period should be slow because Sun or Jupiter emissions is a slow phenomena.

The result should be a long FITS file throughout the day, with intensity spots corresponding storms.

Detector data outputs

  • Thumbnail image in the FITS to generate previews on the site. (Web browser might render the file and render colorize from data stored in FITS according to user requirements)
  • RAW recordings of the meteor reflection (raw recordings are important for later data analysis)
  • Along with data large records should exist a metadata text file, common to all files in a folder (each file should have one line of metadata). This arrangement is intended to prevent necessity to open large files and browse their heads. Metadata file should be humanly readable.

Suggestions for the title of data file TIME_NAME_TYPE.EXTE the length of the file name is limited to 50 characters.

  • NAME is a station identifier can be up to the maximum permitted length of the full name. The title should include the version of the station configuration. Eg. SVAK1-RADIO-1-1
  • TYPE is data identifier.

Requirement for contributing to the database meets the following regular expression in a file name:



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