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Station Supervisor

Station Supervisor is a bundle of tools and scripts for remote control of station and supervising of station health. These tools run on the station side. There are also html page for displaying station health and last measured data. This webpage should be used for remote commands as well (for instance force kill or restart some process or reboot the station). The measurement station are different in types (for instance radio detection station, video detection station, weather station).

System description

Hardware recovery unit

station-supervisor daemon running on station computer should use external support device for error outputs. Connection management will be self controlled in device. Interface between hardware recovery unit and main station computer should be terminal based. The terminal functionality should be provided by station-supervisor monitor software (if it is running, otherwise by standard system console) in system console mode station supervisor-should write debug output on this device (similarly to dmesg for example)

Technically the link between main computer and hardware recovery unit is implemented on RS232 serial interface.

Web monitoring interface

Web access is primary diagnostic interface. Terminal is secondary as backup.

Moreover web access is intended as file based. File based means that station-supervisor uploads an diagnostic file to webserver. Webserver takes this file (probably from more than one station) and serve a web page with stations status information. User interface in this case is limited only to modification of an station-supervisor configuration file stored on webserver. Configuration file may contain an parameter for station reboot request. After station-supervisor will notice change or update in the webserver stored configuration file, station-supervisor reboots the station and update its parameters according to actual config file.

This approach is needed, because we usually have not direct IP connectivity from Internet to stations.

Information Outputs

Error outputs

List of possible error outputs

  • Remote data storage server in inaccessible
  • Data storage capacity on station is near to limit.
  • Some detectors are out of operation
  • Time synchronization disfunction

Service outputs

Service outputs should be displayed on station screen or serial (RS232 console). Displayig application (ssmon) should use minimal terminal graphics.

List of basic service outputs

  • Time synchonisation quality measurement (NTPd and GPSd outputs)
  • System load
  • System temperatures

Service interface

Service interface software should modify some station parameters by download configuration files from data server.

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