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Experimental construction of Unmanned Aerial vehicle

"Žehlička" UAV02A

Major improvements

  • More reliable bus infrastructure (CAN)
  • More volume and weight capacity for experimental avionics and payload
  • Adding additional control layer realised by powerfull ARM computer ODROID-X2, other single board computers variants will be available soon.

Flying wing "Samokřídlo" UAV01A


Mechanical Construction

Virtual mathematical model

Control System

Required features

  • 10Hz update rate
  • Airspeed (min 16m/s, avg 22,3 m/s, max 30m/s) 600Pa max
  • Barometer (Air density, altitude)
  • Humidity sensor (Fail safe, Air density)
  • Temperature sensor (Fail safe, Air density)
  • Camera?
  • Battery Voltages, Currents (Battery gas gauge)
  • Engine power sensing, max engine current 30A.
  • GPS
  • IMU (Akcelerometers -3G to 5G)
  • Magnetometer


Non fly prototype

Non fly prototype is build from MLAB prototyping modules.


PPM Decoder/Demultiplexer is build from ATmegaTQ3201A populated by ATmega328 and 16MHz crystal.

Main UAV control board is based on STM32F10xRxT01A ARM microcontroller module populated with STM32F103 microcontroler.

Current and Voltage sensor

Resistive current measurement sensor with analog output and voltage divider to 3,3V range IUC01A.

Altitude measurement

Barometric ALTIMET01A pressure and altimeter sensor. And GPS data.

Absolute terain altimeter

Absolute terrain altimeter is necessary for correct landing procedure. It can be resolved by several methods laser, ranging, radar ranging, camera terrain angle speed measurement, camera laser trigonometry, and sonar ranging.

We would use the simplest sonar ranging method at beginning.


Inercial measurement unit is based on IMU01A MLAB sensor module


Magnetic orientation will be measured by two redundant magnetic sensors modules MAG01A.


Telemetry will be realized by UART ascii output in NMEA like format. Telemetry modules.

Another considered variant is use of some more powerfull telemetry modules Radiometrix modules or Laird Technologies AC4868

Data logging

Measured data will be stored in SD card. SDcard01B

Radio Control

We will use the JETImodel RC receiver JETI Duplex RSAT2 Some interesting capability of JETI Duplex technology is duplex comunication between receiver and transmitter. So telemetry download via JETI Duplex RC receiver could be possible. Old JETI Duplex V1 protocol specification



linear algebra

Eigen some algorithms will use quaternions to prevent gimbal lock.

realtime OS:

Bachelor's thesis about foundation for our control algorithms. Marián Šuch 2012


The autopilot software control algorithm will be tested by hardware in loop configuration. Where autopilot hardware will be physical but model of airplane and avionic will be numerically simulated.

Ground control station

Provedeni DGPS: Pozemni stanice bude vysilat vlastni telemetrii, ktera bude obsahovat DGPS korekce. Ty se v UAV pouziji pro vypocet polohy, ktera se opet telemetrii odesle do pozemni stanice. Navigace tak bude v podstate rozdilova proti pozemni stanici. To umozni snazsi definovani bodu trasy a nasledne i pripadne zjednodussi budouci moznost pristavani pobliz pozemni stanice.




Technical documentation

Project files are stored in SVN repository (registration required). Remote access is possible by SVN client TortoiseSVN for example. Repository is public for reading, but requires account for write access. If you are interested, write email to please.

In Ubuntu run this command to check out all project documents.

svn co svn://

Project management

For tasks management and supervision of their implementation we use Redmine.



  • Ivan Jerabek
  • Jakub Kákona -
  • Marian Such
  • .
  • .
  • .

Partners of project

Project is supported by Universal Scientific Technologies s.r.o. development team Universal Scientific Technologies s.r.o.

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